ProCam Services LLC. prides itself in the plastic details that it machines for its customers. ProCam can machine virtually all plastics including UHMW, Acetals, PVC’s, Teflon, Polyurethanes, Polyesters and Exotic Polymers. Our CNC routing division can machine plastic parts out of sheets as large as 4ftX10ft and our CNC Milling and CNC Turning departments can manufacture difficult features and tight tolerances. ProCam Services LLC. has machined custom sprockets, rapid prototypes, bushings, spacers, edge caps, belt guides and much more out of a variety of plastics for our customers. The acetal details shown above were machined on the CNC Mill at ProCam Services LLC.  We welcome both small and large orders…our team is cross trained and flexible so that they can turn around one or two parts for you in a short amount of time or run a large production order for you twenty-four hours a day. You can learn more about ProCam Services LLC. at

The PVC details shown above feature 3D machining, special fixturing and were machined at ProCam Services LLC. These parts were a rapid prototype for our customer…to view more examples of our parts please visit: Work Examples

The UHMW special sprocket shown above is an example of the many custom sprockets ProCam Services LLC.  has machined for the conveyor and belting industry. If you have a special sprocket you need manufactured you can request a quote at Get A Quote.
This exceptionally thin UHMW guide rail was machined over 28″ to tight tolerances on all surfaces on the CNC Mill at ProCam Services LLC.