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Plastic sprockets are making inroads in several industries because they solve a variety of problems that beset their metal cousins. ProCam Services LLC. machines a wide variety of custom sprockets out of Acetal, UHMW, PTFE (Teflon), Polypropylene and Polyurethane for the conveyor industry, belting industry and the specialty machine industry. The custom sprockets that ProCam Services LLC. manufactures are made to order out of virtually any material and for almost any application. Our state of the art, modern machine shop can machine difficult features and tight tolrances in both small and large quantities.


 Our team has experience manufacturing a wide range of custom machined sprockets in a cost effective and effecient manner.

 We manufacture square bore, round bore and hex bore sprockets. We can machine the bore you need!

 Our range of finishing services ensure the delivery of a precision, ready-to-use product.

 100% CNC machined sprockets resulting in the best concentricity on the market.

 ProCam Services LLC. sprockets are available in a variety of materials to meet your specific demands, such as acetal, UHMW and PVC for standard applications and other specialty materials for applications requiring greater resistance to abrasion or chemicals.

 We manufacture a wide range of sprocket types including drive sprockets & idler sprockets.

 UHMW sprockets are cost effective and have great wear characteristics, they also meet USDA/FDA requirements for food processing plants.



Ask about our after hours service.  Our flexible and cross trained staff uses quick return manufacturing principles and a detailed scheduling process to meet almost any deadline


Fast Track Service is a special 1-2 day expedited delivery service of your machined parts and/or components. We specialize in quick-turn deliveries, rapid prototyping and helping you with your expedite or emergency projects. Our dedicated and experienced staff of machinists will work around the clock to get you your Fast Track order fast!

Rush Service: 3-6 Day

Rush Service is a 3-6 day delivery service of your machined parts and/or components. We specialize in delivering your order fast and we are set-up and ready to handle your rush order!


Standard Service is a 7-10 day delivery service of your machined parts and components. Pro-Cam Services LLC. specializes in moving your standard service projects through our shop quickly and efficiently so that you receive them fast and on time!

"ProCam has been great to work with on several projects, they recently machined several components in less than one day for an emergency project for us." - OEM Customer

"ProCam has helped me out on several occasions. I ordered rush parts on a Monday afternoon and was able to pick them up at 8:00am the next day."

Custom Machine Builder

“They work hard to get the job done…I can think of several occasions that they worked the weekend and/or evening shifts to complete rush projects for us.”

Conveyor Builder

“Hassle free vendor. I just order and get my parts on my time…a vendor I can trust.”

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