ProCam Services LLC. goes beyond just delivering machined components. ProCam Services LLC. prides itself in offering additional services such as; fabrication, welding, specialty coatings, de-burring, assembly and just about any other services that can help our customers. Our success has been driven by partnering with our customers to help them develop cost effective solutions to their problems and working with them towards one common goal. We often analyze a customers project and make suggestions to reduce cost, reduce delivery time, help overall functionality of their parts or make any other suggestions we can to help our customers. The welding fixture shown above is delivered to our customer complete and ready to use in a special kit we assemble at ProCam Services LLC….the fixture shown above consists of a dozen machined components that we machine, weld, gold plate and fully assemble at ProCam Services LLC.

The aluminum details shown above are an example of parts ProCam Services LLC. manufactured that feature Type III hard coat black anodizing. In addition to the visual appeal of adding color to the details the hard coating can achieve a hardness of up to 70 Rockwell which in turn gives the details exceptional wear resistance and durability. We have recently produced parts in black, red, blue, green, clear and we can deliver parts in other colors as well.

The 30+ part assembly shown above consists of both aluminum and stainless steel complex details was designed, machined and assembled at ProCam Services LLC. We worked with our customer to design the project in SolidWorks…we made suggestions to help design each component in a manner that made them cost effect to manufacture and easier to machine as well suggestions to help the overall functionality of the final assembly.