CNC machining is a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. This process uses a computer numerical control or CNC system to effortlessly cut and shape materials into objects. Without CNC machining, processing materials into intricately shaped and detailed components would be tough to achieve. Moreover, a CNC machine reaches an extremely high level of precision compared to manual labor, and it does this consistently and accurately, despite multiple repetitions of the process.

Using Aluminum for CNC Machining

Among all materials used for CNC machining, aluminum is among the best options. It is highly machinable, inexpensive, and three or four times faster to machine than steel or titanium. In addition, this material possesses excellent flexibility and an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for making exterior skin panels for vehicles on land, air, and water.

Other advantages of using aluminum for CNC machining include the following:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding electrical conductivity
  • Resistance to low temperatures
  • Great potential for surface finishing and anodization
  • Recyclability

What Types of Aluminum Are Used for CNC Machining?

On its own, aluminum is too weak for commercial use. So, to achieve strength, pure molten aluminum is combined with copper, lithium, magnesium, manganese, silicon, and zinc to form an alloy and enhance aluminum’s other properties.

Three common alloys are used in aluminum CNC machining: cast aluminum, aluminum lithium, and wrought aluminum alloys.

Cast Aluminum Alloy

Cast aluminum alloys are affordable, lightweight, versatile, and durable and perform well under high temperatures. This alloy is famously used in the automotive industry for engine parts, housing, steering columns, and structural support.

Cast aluminum alloys are inexpensive to produce because they possess a low melting point and can easily be shaped. However, it does have a lower tensile strength, is not as easy to machine, and is more hard-wearing on cutting tools.

Aluminum Lithium Alloy

The second aluminum alloy used for aluminum CNC machining is aluminum lithium alloy. This alloy is primarily used in aerospace manufacturing due to its lightweight nature, making it the prime choice for lower wing skins, inner wing structures, fuselages, and fan blades for aerial vehicles. Aluminum lithium alloys are also used for race cars and space rockets.

The downside to using aluminum lithium alloys for CNC machining is it does not have a high fracture toughness. This means that when this alloy is cracked, it becomes compromised and weak to resist further cracking. Aluminum lithium alloys are also more expensive compared to cast aluminum alloys.

Wrought Aluminum Alloy

The last but best aluminum alloy for CNC machining is wrought aluminum. Wrought alloys have superior mechanical properties and structural integrity compared to cast aluminum alloys. They are also easier to machine and make for better surface finishes since they are less hard-wearing on the edges of cutting tools.

Things To Consider When Choosing a CNC Machining Aluminum Manufacturer

Getting acquainted with aluminum CNC machining is only one part of the equation; picking a suitable CNC machining aluminum manufacturer is the more crucial aspect. Choosing service providers for this task is not difficult. Here are four factors to look at when canvassing manufacturers.

Long-Term Value Return

When picking a CNC machining aluminum manufacturer, the cheapest option is not always the best. Instead, choose a service provider that offers excellent processing results and puts in the time and effort to coordinate with you to meet and surpass your expectations. This meticulousness will save you time and money, so always choose quality over plain affordability. Then, in the long run, you’ll have a partner manufacturer you can rely on to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Superior Machining Experience

Experience should be factored in when deciding which manufacturer to choose; a long experience providing excellent service is how CNC machining aluminum manufacturers earn their stripes. In addition, the time they have spent in the industry can say a lot about their products. Usually, the longer a manufacturer spends engaged in the CNC machining industry, the more they can amass the necessary skills and experience to meet high standards.

Reliable Team and Equipment

Before partnering with a machining service provider, always check if they have the equipment and facility to do the job efficiently and deliver on time without sacrificing the quality of the finished products. A manufacturer offering machining services should not only have the necessary skills but should also have machines for milling, lathe grinding, and other processing methods. The best CNC machining aluminum manufacturer should have the proper equipment to handle complex projects.

Proof of Quality Standards for Products

When choosing a CNC machining aluminum manufacturer, you should pick one that can walk the talk. This means that manufacturers must ensure that the quality of the products they have created for you is up to your standards. A few more essential things to look out for when checking the manufacturer for their quality is if they have quality control methods, including product testing.

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