ProCam Services LLC. is proud of the variety of custom made to order shafts that we machine for our customers. From simple stainless steel spacer shafts to complex drive shafts ProCam Services LLC. specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of shafts and is qualified to meet your machined shaft fabrication needs, no matter how complex or quickly and accurately in accordance with your exact specifications. We look forward to hearing from you and quoting your next project…we enjoy small prototype projects, high volume projects, a variety of materials and tricky and/or difficult to machine details, please visit our website to contact us. Get A Quote

The precision stainless steel drive shafts shown above were turned and milled at ProCam Services LLC.  These shafts feature many tolerances of +.000/-.001, an exceptionally long through hole, deep threading, an intersecting hole milled on a 45 degree angle, snap ring grooves, corresponding keyways machined exactly 180 degrees from each other, flats milled on both ends and the outer diameter turned down to 40mm +/- .001 over 17″ of length.

The custom stainless steel dowel pins shown above were turned and milled at ProCam Services LLC. These custom machined components were machined with tolerances of +/- .001 for special machinery designed and built for the OEM industry.


The custom machined square shafts manufactured at ProCam Services LLC. shown above feature tight tolerances, external threads and a keyway.
The special 40mm shaft machined at ProCam Services LLC. shown above was turned and milled on the CNC lathes and CNC mill, it features tight tolerances, over twenty milled teeth and drilled and tapped holes on the ends.  

Machining Capabilities

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Vertical and horizontal 4th-axis machining
  • Secondary Operations


We have manufactured parts using a variety of materials including:

  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel – Both 300 & 400 Series
  • Brass
  • Aluminum

Industries Served

  • Furniture
  • Defense
  • Motion Control
  • Fluid Power
  • Electronic
  • Automotive
  • Sporting Goods
  • Consumer Goods
  • OEM
  • Manufacturing and Engineering

We can help you with your precision shaft machining projects. Get A Quote