Precision Machined Components
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Precision Machined Components At ProCam Services LLC.
ProCam Services LLC. specializes in machining precision components in both large and small quantities from a variety of materials for a large number of industries. ProCam's dedicated team of machinist offer many years of experience in manufacturing precision components from stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, tool steels, plastics and much more...our machinists also have experience machining both tricky features and tight tolerances.
At ProCam Services LLC. we hold our in process tolrances much tighter than our customer provided tolrances...the end result is a precision component exactly to your specifications.

At ProCam Services LLC. our CNC Milling and CNC Turning centers routinely manufacture parts to tolerances of +/- .001 or tighter...Our team has experience machining components and features to +/- .0002.

Our high precision machining capabilities include CNC turning, CNC horizontal machining, CNC vertical machining, 4-axis capabilities and much more.

At ProCam Services LLC. we do not shy away from the tricky projects. The foundation of our success has been in that we enjoy a challenge. We have helped our customers with many projects that they could not get manufactured elsewhere.

Our customers come back to us for our high quality, cost effective components that are consistently delivered on time.

Our fully integrated CNC machine shop is capable of manufacturing just about any type of precision machined part you need exactly to your specifications.

The bronze detail shown above was machined on the CNC Lathe featuring an exceptional surface finish, geometries that required special tooling and tolerances to +/- .001.