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The robot mounting table shown above was fabricated at ProCam Services LLC. and features tight tolerance machining, welding, painting and delivery complete!
The stainless steel weldments shown above feature precision machined components machined to tolerances as tight as +/- .001, welding and assembly.
ProCam Services LLC.'s experienced staff offers a wide range of metal fabrication capabilities. ProCam Services LLC.'s utilizes CNC Machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Routing, Laser, Water Jet, Forming, Welding and many other services to provide our customers with details, weldments and assemblies that are exactly to their specifications. We pride ourselves in our high quality of work and our short lead times.
Our team has experience manufacturing a wide range of custom fabricated details, weldments and assemblies for a wide range of industries.

If aspects of a project are outside of our day to day capabilities we work with some of the best fabrication shops in West Michigan to get our customers exactly what they need.

Our wide range of finishing services ensure the delivery of a precision, ready-to-use product.

100% CNC machined components delivered on-time and exactly to your sepcifications.

ProCam Services LLC. boasts a flexible, experienced and cross-trained staff that can work with you to accomplish your project.

Our customers enjoy our short lead times and the high quality of services we provide.