CNC Machining
CNC Machining At ProCam Services LLC.
CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control. CNC Machining is the method used in modern machining to perform a wide range of associated tasks. The primary advantage of CNC machining is that it allows for greatly improved efficiency, accuracy, productivity and safety over contrasting forms of metalworking equipment. CNC machines are the most accurate and efficient means of creating a machined component due to the fact they feature incredible repeatability from operation to operation. The movements the CNC machines make are usually accurate to .0001" and repeat hundreds if not thousands of times per day.
Our expert machinist specialize in tricky projects, hard to machine materials and tight tolerances!

CNC machining is ideal for manufacturing rapid prototypes and high quality machined parts in an effecient manner.

CNC machines are programmed with a specific tool path and the component can be manufactured hundreds or even thousands of times. Each manufactured product will be exactly the same.

The completed program can be executed and simulated on a computer. This allows for quicker modifications and enhancements before actually making the part on the CNC machine, which will reduce set up time and decrease scrap.

CAM systems enable the toolpath improvements and machining process to be fine-tuned before the parts even hit the machine. This ensures the actual machining time is equal to, or less than, what was quoted to the customer.

CNC machines can be used 24 hours a day continuously, only being turned off for maintenance.

CNC machining allows for high accuracy and excellent surface finish.

Advanced machine control and programming capabilities allow for complex machining operations to be more easily accomplished.

CNC Machining can reduce waste as errors due to operator fatigue and interruptions are less likely to occur.

CNC Machinng can reduce lead time as a result of lower tooling costs.

We machine plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and a wide range of other materials at ProCam Services LLC.
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